Creative metal packaging makes your brand look more polished.

16MM Tube with ZTR162E Tip
16 mm Tube with Zamac Tip
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Airless Pen with Zamac Tip
Dimensions: Height: 141.89 mm, Diameter: 18.5 mm Fill: 10.6 ml Tooling: Production Patent: HCT Patented Technology
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CLT™ Tube with ZAMAC Tip
Dimensions: Minimum Fill Length 19x50mm, 11-12mL Maximum Fill Length 19x100mm, 24-26mL Options: Available with PCR material Tooling: Production Patent:  Patent pending
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Forward Pump
Fill Volume: 15 mL Options: Available with PP tip or HCT’s Cooling Tip Technology™ ZAMAC applicator Tooling:  PP Tip –
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Precision Dropper
Fill Volume: Available in 15 mL & 30 mL Options: 15mL version has the option to use HCT’s Cooling Tip
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Pull Down Actuator
Size: Compatible with multiple bottle sizes PP Bottle: 5mL, 7.5mL, 10mL, 15mL PETG Bottle: 7mL, 15mL Options: Available with PETG
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Refillable Lipstick
Dimensions: 19.80 X 75.20mm
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ZAMAC Lipstick
Dimensions: 21.8 X 21.8 X 60mm Options: Weight
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