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Beauty Tools

In addition to premium cosmetic brushes and chic storage solutions, HCT Brushes also provides clients with many different added value tools and accessories such as eyelash curlers, tweezers, and personal care accessories.

Brushes & Applicators

Driven by a team of passionate beauty experts, HCT Brushes draws inspiration from the latest trends, artistry techniques, and cutting-edge innovations to create premium quality beauty tools and applicators that fall into the many segments of the cosmetics industry.


HCT’s packaging options for cheek include liquid, powder, cream and stick blush, highlighter, and bronzer components.


HCT Brushes offers a large library of eyelash options that vary in shape, style, and material. Whether it’s natural, synthetic, dramatic, or subtle, we can work with you to find the perfect false lashes for your brand.


HCT’s packaging options for eyes include mascara, eye shadow, brow, and eye treatment components.


HCT’s packaging options for face include liquid, powder and stick foundation, as well as face powders and sculpting components.


HCT offers a wide range of kits that add value to your product by offering space for more formula in one package. Kits are a great option for face, eyes, cheek, and lip products.


HCT’s packaging options for lips include lipstick, lip gloss, lip cream and lip treatment components.


HCT Metals engineers innovative solutions for metal applicators and packaging components, stamped aluminum deco plates, fragrance, and liquor caps as well as truly superior electroplating capabilities.

Pots & Jars

HCT offers a wide range of pots and jars that can be used for many different types of color cosmetics and skincare formulations.


Whether it’s clean beauty, K-Beauty, or CBD skincare, HCT’s expertise in skincare formulations combined with our extensive selection of airless packaging, delivers a truly unique 360⁰ solution.

Stock Innovation

HCT has been setting the standard in beauty for over 25 years and is known throughout the industry for creativity and innovation.

Sustainable Packaging

HCT is committed to minimizing the detrimental effects of oil-based plastics by creating packaging that is designed to be recycled and promoting the use of recycled plastics, bio plastics, and refillable packaging solutions.


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