HCT's R+D team collaborates with the most outstanding labs in Asia, Europe, and North America, to create exceptional formulas that range from color to skincare. We have a global footprint for research, development, and formulation, helping clients get to market faster.



HCT has manufacturing plants worldwide, ensuring excellence in quality and speed to market. We conduct thorough vetting and Social Compliance Auditing of all factories and trusted partner vendors. HCT's global footprint makes it easy to source best in class materials and tap into cutting edge technologies and global cultural influences.


> Concept Development & Design

Our relationship with customers begins with total collaboration – through the development and design process, our R+D and Sales teams find the best solutions to deliver on your goals. Customers can choose from our extensive range of existing packaging or work with us to create a completely custom design. Or take advantage of one of the world’s most comprehensive and evolving stock libraries by combining our stock component parts with a newly designed custom piece. Our in-house team of expert designers is unparalleled when it comes to innovative cosmetics packaging. In addition to specializing in industrial design and engineering, we also offer graphic design, package brainstorming, formula conceptualization, and formula R+D to tap into the most innovative technologies and global cultural influences.

> Manufacturing

We live at the forefront of innovation, delivering packaging and product development coupled with vertically integrated testing and manufacturing capabilities. HCT controls eight manufacturing facilities and has strict audit requirements for all vendors. This allows us to deliver exceptional solutions to clients for cost effectiveness, efficiencies across the board, and regionalization. Lean on us for the world’s most extensive selection of stock packaging options, or collaborate with us on custom tooling, custom formulation, shade matching, state-of-the-art decorating and finishing, and quality control. With a portfolio that expands year over year, the possibilities with HCT Group are infinite.

> Fill & Assembly

Flexibility is key when finding the best product for your brand. We provide our customers with the option to choose formulas from the United States, Italy, China, Korea or Japan. Our fill and assembly factories provide cost effective and timely solutions for clients.

> Logistics & Operations

Once we’ve built the product of your dreams, we won’t just walk away. We offer full-service integrated logistics and operational support to help you get on shelves faster. Our team of experts can support all aspects of your product launch including organizing US customs/FDA Clearance, foreign-to-foreign shipping, sea, air, and domestic tracking as well as managing foreign imports and exports. Because we bring our partners unique, groundbreaking products unlike anything else on the market, implementing strict testing and compliance is important to us. We offer compatibility testing, stability testing, regulatory assistance, finished goods QA/QC, and documentation management and procurement.


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