Ground-breaking cosmetic formulation and packaging doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design.

True innovation comes from looking at problems from an entirely new perspective. When it comes to our creative process, the world is our classroom. Our R&D teams scour the globe looking for brilliant design solutions, newly discovered product ingredients, and cultural and lifestyle trends that are just over the horizon. We bring back the smartest, most efficient and exciting ideas to our labs and begin translating them into beauty formulation and skin care packaging that pushes the industry further than it’s ever been before.

How much pressure does it take to open a compact? Which materials create the smoothest twisting action in a lipstick applicator? Advanced ideas seem deceptively simple, which is why we spend countless hours in the lab, painstakingly adjusting product specs micrometer by micrometer to ensure each design is impeccable before it’s considered complete. All this hard work is worth it. We’ve patented some of the industry’s most iconic designs and radical technical advancements, helping worldwide beauty brands continue to thrill their customers.

What’s our secret to successfully pushing the innovation envelope? It’s our intimate understanding of every aspect of design and production—because we do it all ourselves. By sharing ideas and innovation across all departments, we see how each piece of the puzzle fits together and how a challenge in one area can be solved by a solution in another. We use this full-scope understanding to help emerging and established beauty brands make bold moves and think big-picture.

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