Luxury Metals Shine Brightly at This Year’s Luxe Pack Monaco

Boasting over 400 exhibitors, hundreds of exciting product launches and thousands of visitors, this year’s 30th edition of Luxe Pack Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum which happened October 2nd through the 4th brought forth an inspired assortment of luxury packaging.

The 3-day show hosted the industry’s best in packaging manufactures; among them world-renowned HCT Group.  HCT, known for their advanced innovations and attention to luxe details, proudly spotlighted their collection of high quality metals.

Denis Maurin, VP of Sales and Industrial Innovation, spoke more on the importance of HCT metals and the future of luxury packaging.

How do HCT metals stand out above other metal components in the industry?

Besides our factory’s unique ability to create pieces conceived by our talented designers that are precise and technically innovated, we at HCT Metals are proud to hold the global patent on the Cooling Tip Technology® ZAMAC and Ceramic applicators.

What were some exciting innovations shown at LPM?

We typically present a number of confidential innovations exclusively to our customers during LPM but this year we also publicly showcased the new Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick. This component mixes an aluminum cap with a ZAMAC base, delivering a beautifully luxurious finish. As an added bonus to the consumer it was made refillable to aid in its affordability.

What is the importance of showcasing fragrances this year?

We are always interested in creating new concepts for the fragrance division and we are confident that our innovations at HCT will bring something new and exciting to this market.

How did LPM aid in the exciting direction of metals?

The majority of the LPM show customers are looking for very luxe packaging and we were happy to showcase our capabilities. More importantly, LPM allows us to reach the niche group of customers who need an all-in-one supplier. HCT takes pride in the fact that we are a full service turnkey company and can help brands at every level go from design/engineering to a final product filled and assembled.

What do you hope to see for the future of metals and luxury packaging?

I hope to see more and more brands willing to incorporate metals in a more innovatively affordable way. In the past, most cosmetic packaging was made from metals. Then it all became about plastics because of its affordability and decoration possibilities. I’d love to see the pendulum swing back towards a trend of metals where consumers find true value and pride in the products they choose to purchase.