HCT Group Celebrates 25 Years of Continued Success

Los Angeles, CA: Luxe Pack Monaco has consistently been an ideal platform for HCT Group to proudly showcase an inspired assortment of luxury innovations, but this year the city’s spectacular landscape also provided the perfect backdrop in celebrating HCT’s 25th anniversary. Leading up to the 3 day event, members of HCT’s global family joined founders Chris and Clare Thorpeand current president and CEO, Tim Thorpe at some of Monaco’s most famous sites to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary in style. During an intimate dinner party HCT employees reminisced on the company’s humble beginnings and shared exciting stories of the future of HCT. Tim Thorpe, president and CEO commented on why the night meant so much to him and his family.

“HCT was founded on family and remains one of the only family-owned manufacturers in the industry. Seeing everyone come together in Monaco, with our founders really brought things full-circle for all of us. It was a very special experience for my parents to celebrate HCT’s 25th anniversary with the team who helped the company get to where it is today. Many of these members have been with HCT for many years and we feel like one big family. We are expecting a lot of international growth for 2018 as we have a multitude of new innovations in development and a team that is stronger and closer than ever before.”