Full Service, Turnkey Solutions.

HCT Packaging specializes in the design and manufacturing of cosmetics packaging. We offer the unique ability to completely customize components with assistance from a large team of expert designers and engineers. In addition to custom packaging, HCT Packaging has over 1200 stock components for every beauty category that vary in size, shape, and functionality. Whether you are launching one product, or an entire line of products, HCT gives you the ability to choose from a growing selection of component innovations, capabilities, overall aesthetics and deco designs.

HCT’s R+D team collaborates with the most outstanding labs in Asia, Europe, and North America, to create exceptional formulas that range from color to skincare. HCT formulas are also customizable and uniquely designed through cutting-edge technologies. Our team is dedicated to discovering emerging ingredients and refining current trends in the market to make client’s products efficacious and personal.

HCT Brushes specializes in creating premium quality beauty tools and solutions that fall into the many segments of the cosmetics industry. Driven by a team of passionate beauty experts, HCT Brushes draws inspiration from the latest trends, artistry techniques, and cutting-edge innovations. In addition to premium cosmetic brushes and chic storage solutions, HCT Brushes also provides clients with many different added value tools and accessories such as, sponges, eyelashes, eyelash curlers, tweezers, and personal care accessories.

As sole suppliers of the globally patented Cooling Tip Technology™ ZAMAC Applicators, HCT Metals recognizes the importance of engineering innovative solutions for its customers through superior quality metal components. We specialize in applicators and packaging components, stamped aluminum deco plates, fragrance and liquor caps, as well as truly superior electroplating. Partner with our Metals division to infuse your products with the beauty and prestige of metal packaging.

HCT Skincare is an industry leader in offering innovative formulas and packaging to serve the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s clean beauty, K-Beauty, or CBD skincare, HCT’s expertise in skincare formulations combined with our extensive selection of airless packaging, delivers a truly unique 360⁰ solution. Developed for the most sensitive skin, we offer formulas in a variety of textures, including liquids, creams, gels, and pastes. We seek out optimal dispensing systems for each formula, making sure we protect the integrity and shelf life of the most organic and complex formulations.


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